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Contact Form 7 1.9.4

Contact Form 7 1.9.4 is now available. This update is not for security reasons and is not urgent. However some bugs have been fixed, so I recommend updating the plugin.

Download | Plugin Homepage | FAQ | Support Forum

Note: You will need to install the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin separately, if you use CAPTCHA. I wrote the reason for this change in this post.

Change Log

  • Bug fixed: [wpcf7.remote_ip] cannot handle IPv6 address.
    (props Robin Elfrink)
  • Bug fixed: [@attr] style selectors (removed in jQuery 1.3) were used.
  • Bug fixed: In case you use both file-attachments and HTML mail, the mail had incorrect Content-Type header.
  • Bug fixed: In case you use digits as an option value for a drop-down menu, a different option value was returned.
  • Resolving process for temporary file upload path was changed. It now refers to the user’s file upload path setting.
  • Files related to the admin page were moved in the admin directory.
  • German translation was updated by Ivan Graf.
  • Danish translation was updated by Georg S. Adamsen.
  • Latvian translation was updated by Sandis Veinbergs.
  • Italian translation was updated by Gianni Diurno.
  • Croatian translation was added by tolingo Translation Services.
  • Estonian translation added by Peeter Rahuvarm.

Click here to lend your support to: Support Contact Form 7 and make a donation at !


Contact Form 7 1.9.4 を公開しました。セキュリティに関係したものではないので急いでアップデートする必要はありませんがいくつかバグを修正していますのでなるべくアップデートを行なってください。

お知らせ: CAPTCHA を使う場合は Really Simple CAPTCHA プラグインのインストールが別途必要になりますのでご注意ください。理由についてはこちらを参照してください。

Change Log

  • バグ修正: [wpcf7.remote_ip] で IPv6 のアドレスが扱えなかった件
  • バグ修正: [@attr] スタイルのセレクタ構文 (jQuery 1.3 で廃止) が使われていた件
  • バグ修正: ファイル添付と HTML メールが同時に使われていた場合にメールの Content-Type ヘッダがおかしくなる件
  • バグ修正: ドロップダウンメニューのオプション値として数字が使われる場合に選んだメニューとは違う値が返される件
  • ファイルの一時アップロードパスを決定するプロセスを変更。ファイルアップロードパスのユーザー設定を参照する
  • 管理ページ関連のファイル群を admin ディレクトリに移動
  • ドイツ語言語ファイル更新
  • デンマーク語言語ファイル更新
  • ラトビア語言語ファイル更新
  • イタリア語言語ファイル更新
  • クロアチア語言語ファイル新規追加
  • エストニア語言語ファイル新規追加

22 replies on “Contact Form 7 1.9.4”

Hey Miyoshi,

I installed the upgrade to 1.9.4 from 1.9.3. I then installed your new captcha plugin. But every time I load any page with one of your forms on it the captcha area just shows the image “captcha”. I removed both plugins twice. Chmodded my dirs again (even though they are correct) and still it doesn’t work.. For now I’ve downgraded to 1.9.3. Thanks :)

At first thx for the time you spend to create this baby…

but again I run into trouble with the file upload…

I’ve updated to the new version but the file upload wont work like in the verison before :((

I’ve tried everything I’ve read the FAQ and your post “does the file upload work”

I can’t see any files in /uploads/wpcf7_uploads/WPCF7_UPLOADS_TMP_DIR if I send an attachement

The server is a hetzner root server DS 3000 CE

it would be awesome if you could fix this…

King regards from Berlin ….

Note that the directory holding CAPTCHA temporary files can be changed depending on your setting of “Store uploads in this folder” in Settings > Miscellaneous menu. It’s not necessarily wp-contents/uploads/wpcf7_captcha in case you have changed the setting from default. It is now (your-upload-folder)/wpcf7_captcha, so check if the folder exists and be writable. Sorry for my poor documentation.

Great plugin.

One feature I’d like to request is the ability to have a separate thank you page. Some clients need a separate thank you page so they can track the traffic that gets to the thank you page.

Is this something you think is possible now or something that could happen in the future?

When using this plug-in with WishList Member the [your-name] is replaced by the “To” email. The result is the to and the from of the received email are both the same as the plug-in “To” email address. Any suggestions?

Leon McKee

Posted at…

I added the following to the message body to capture the missing data until a solution is found:







Again, when using WishList Member the From email [your-email] defaults to the “To” email address. To and From are the same which means if you do not add the above to the message body you will not know who sent the email asking to be contacted.

Leon McKee

This plugin does not work if you also have WP Super Cache installed.

I’m using WP 2.7.1
WP Super Cache 0.9.3
Contact Form 7 1.9.4

The e-mails are sent. But no messages are shown. The arrows just keep on spinning no matter what you do.

I’m using Contact Form 7-1.9.4 – I’ve followed all the steps, including chmoding. The sender gets a message that the email was successful. When the email comes in the inbox, there is an attachment symbol (paperclip) which disappears as soon as the email is open. The attachment is nowhere to be found. The attachment is not in wp-content/uploads/wpcf7_uploads/ either.

I disabled this part of contact-form-7.php:

//foreach ($handled_uploads[‘files’] as $name => $path) {
// @unlink($path);

Now at least the attached images stays on the server, where I can get it.

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