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Hi, I’m Takayuki Miyoshi writing this blog from Fukuoka, Japan. I’m creating WordPress plugins and display them with some tips on this blog.

If you have personal messages to me, feel free to send them to this address. takayukister.png
But please do not send your support requests for plugins to me. Please send them to each support forum instead (see below list).

WordPress Plugins

(Japanese version)

このブログで WordPress のプラグインやちょっとした小ネタを紹介している、福岡在住の三好隆之です。こんにちは。

ただし、プラグインのサポートをご希望の場合はこちらに送らず、サポートフォーラムに送ってください。WordPress 日本語ローカルサイトのサポートフォーラムにプラグインの名前のタグを付けて投稿すると、そのうち回答があるでしょう。

WordPress のプラグイン

  • Contact Form 7
  • Really Simple CAPTCHA
    シンプルな CAPTCHA。Contact Form 7 やその他のプラグインと連携して機能します。もともと Contact Form 7 の一部分として作られたもの。
  • Bogo
    管理画面の言語をそれぞれのユーザーが選べる翻訳ユーティリティ。異なる言語使用者によるマルチユーザーブログに便利。以前は Tam-mothertongue と呼ばれていたもの。
  • Acts as Group
    あなたの「プライベート twitter」を WordPress 上に。マルチユーザーブログでのユーザー間コミュニケーションに最適。

38 replies on “About”

Hello. Can you help me? I want to allow my visitors to register to my WordPress 2.1 website with kanji usernames. Is it possible?

It seems that WordPress only accepts romanji usernames…

thank you!!!


I checked around the core code. As you wrote, it seems that WordPress does not accept Kanji and many other Unicode characters in user name.

However, it should be possible for a plugin to change the restriction by some filtering. validate_username in wp-includes/registration.php and sanitize_user in wp-includes/formatting.php are the possible candidates.

I am not sure if changing the default restriction will cause no problem in future (risky maybe), but if it is necessary for you, I can write a plugin in ten minutes. Please tell me what you think.

I use contact form 7 to add a contact form to my site. When the form is sent a confirmation message appears in a green rectangle beneath the form
“Your message was sent successfully”

My question: Which file do I edit to personalize this confirmation message?


Hi! Thanks for Great Module! I have one question though – how can i set privileges for configuring contact form settings to Editors? I changed

add_options_page(__(‘Contact Form 7’, ‘wpcf7’), __(‘Contact Form 7’, ‘wpcf7’), ‘manage_options’, __FILE__, array(&$this, ‘option_page’));


add_options_page(__(‘Contact Form 7’, ‘wpcf7’), __(‘Contact Form 7’, ‘wpcf7’), 5, __FILE__, array(&$this, ‘option_page’));

but this only shows option panel itself. If i click on a specific form, i got redirected to dashboard.

How can i solve this?

banesto, edit wp-contact-form-7.php line #420

$base_url = get_option('siteurl') . '/wp-admin/options-general.php';

to this

$base_url = get_option('siteurl') . '/wp-admin/admin.php';

This solves the issue, maybe.

Hey I am having problems in deploying my contact form? I put the code in the html area of the text editor and nothing?
Get back with me and if you don’t mind I can create you an admin to it and you can please check it out.
Let me know

Hi! Thanks for great form.I have problems with drop-down menus and radio buttons.Nothing shows from these in the e-mails i get even the labels.I used contact form 7 1.7.8 in wordpress 2.3.1 page.Look above the form.Could you give me some help?

Your Name (required)
[text* your-name]

Your Email (required)
[email* your-email]

[text text-3] *//it doesn’t work//*
[text your-subject]

Your Message
[textarea your-message]

Choice Activity
[radio radio-643 “Reception” “Seminars” “Enviroment Informing” “Embarkation” “Fishing” “Bicycles”]
*//it doesn’t work//*

Choice Persons
[select menu-262include_blank “1” “2” “3” “4” “5” “6” “7” “8” “9” “10” “11” “12” “13” “14” “15” “16” “17” “18” “19” “20”]
*//it doesn’t work//*

[submit “Send”]


how can i change the color of the textbox when message is send?

i mean the textbox that says:Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.

i want to change the color around the text.
its standart green.


is there a possibility to send a file with the mail?
i mean attach a file…

if not, could you include these feature in the next
release? would be great.

regards, marc

i’ve installed the contact form 7.

it is able to send email to visitors by showing the green box which mentioned email was sent successfully. However, “admin” is never recevive the email.

I didnt modify the contact form, just using the default one when i created it!
So, is there any step i miss to do??

how to solve it??

I just download the contact form and I’m configuring it. I have added a question, “Are you interested in receiving our newsletter?” I have “yes” and “no” check box after the question. I want to receive the answer in the email from the sender. So far I cannot make it work. I added it at the bottom between the message box and the send button. How do I set this up so I receive the “yes” or “no” answer?


I’m a user of the contact form 7 plugin. As it is Thank a Plugin Developer Day today, I would like to thank you (and your team) for the wonderful plugin.



First of all – great script! Secondly, you’ve published 1.9.7 version but on there’s still 1.9.4 viewable. This means I’m on 1.9.7 still? Or just didn’t updated that ver number?

And last thing. Could you add a functionality that one would be able to grab someones IP? when submiting email? Or at least write me what to add and where to your script?


Hi Miyoshi,

Thank You for really great plugin (Contact Form 7), but can you please tell me how can I modify it, so it could send mail not from script itself using php functions, but using predefined smtp server?

I need this functionality badly, because my host provider adds advertisements to my mails sent through it’s php enviroment, therefore it provides very slow and not relieble mail services.

So I just need ability to send mails from Contacts Forms using different smtp server I have access to, rather than by default – using my hosting provider’s one.

Hi there

I have been usuing this great plugin for a few months but all of a sudden i can get it to work. Is it compatibale with wordpress 2.8? When i submit a form it says sent successfully…but when i check my inbox-nothing is delivered? Please could you help me.

I have been using this AWESOME plugin without any problems, very easy to setup and use… I wanted to know if there was a way that they could could a person to contact out of the form and then it emails the person they choose. I am running a Speaker’s Bureau website and I want them to be able to choose the speaker they want and then when they click “Submit” it goes to the speaker’s email… Is this possible?
Also, I would like to email more than 2 people, is this possible?

Please answer and thanks in advance!

Hi Miyoshi,
I just installed your “Acts as Group” plugin. It comes pretty close to what I have expected. Many thanks.

I wonder why this plugin is nowhere mentioned at your site? Maybe because of its alpha stage.

Question (without having looked deeper at the code):
Is there a way to use this plugin outside the admin area? What I try is to build up a small, personal community platform and this plugin seems to be a perfect addon.

@karimun oh you found it?! Yes, it’s not mentioned as it’s alpha stage. But it will be released soon.

Using it on outside admin panel is not supported now, but I think it’s not so difficult to implement. But you might think it’s not different than P2 theme :P

Hi Takayuki… would it be possible to add a checkbox in the settings to disable the contact-form-7/stylesheet.css? It would make updating the plugin much easier for me, and would reduce the number of stylesheets on my site.

Many thanks for your great work!


I have updated the Contact Form 7 translation file for Brazilian Portuguese, according to version 2.3.
File was sent to your Gmail address.

hi miyoshi-san, 僕はカエルです。. first of all ほんとに有難う for the 素晴らしいのプラグイン! i’m using it on one of my sites.

but i have a question. where do i need to edit if i want to use a php script to dynamically change the recipient’s email address on my buddypress site. for example:

<?php if (bp_is_profile()):)

\* get the email address of the id and use it for contact form 7 *\

i would really appreciate your reply. many thanks!


Gracias por el Plugin (Contact Form 7), me ha servido mucho!, eres una gran persona.

Thanks for Plugin (Contact Form 7), this helps me so much!, you are great person.

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