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Contact Form 7 2.0.7

Contact Form 7 2.0.7 has been released. This update includes several security fixes, so upgrading quickly is highly recommended. Contact Form 7 2.0.7

Contact Form 7 2.0.6

I have released Contact Form 7 2.0.6. Changelog Italian translation updated by Gianni Diurno German translation updated by Ivan Graf Traditional Chinese translation updated by James Wu Hebrew translation updated by Yaron Ofer Demo mode for demonstrating the plugin (simulating sending mails; you can use this by inserting ‘demo_mode: on‘ into the Additional Settings section) … Continue reading

Contact Form 7 Official Site Open!

Some of you may already be aware that I have opened the official site for the Contact Form 7 plugin. Currently, it has just a few things entered, but I am working to input more information on the site as we speak. The site has English and Japanese pages which are linked to each other. … Continue reading

Contact Form 7 2.0.5

I have released Contact Form 7 2.0.5. This version has a few bug fixes and improvements. Changelog Hungarian translation updated by János Csárdi-Braunstein Error control (@ operator) for stat() call Add wpcf7_form_action_url filter Brazilian Portuguese translation updated by Caciano Gabriel Batista Add includes/controller.php and move codes to it from settings.php Load modules earlier Use wp_enqueue_style() … Continue reading

Contact Form 7 2.0.4

I released Contact Form 7 2.0.4. The include_blank option for drop down menu was not working with Contact Form 7 2.0.3. If you are using the include_blank option, please update to Contact Form 7 2.0.4. Excuse me for many updates. Download | Plugin Homepage | FAQ | Support Forum (Description in Japanese | 日本語) Contact … Continue reading

Contact Form 7 2.0.3

I have released Contact Form 7 2.0.3. You don’t have to hurry to update if you are not seeing any problem in the current version. This version 2.0.3 is mainly for bug fixes. Changelog Bug fixed: getting “Failed to upload file. Error occurred.” error with correct uploading Bug fixed: ICL module: does not translate response … Continue reading

Contact Form 7 2.0.2

I’ve released Contact Form 7 2.0.2. This version is mainly for bug fix. If you have no difficulties now, you don’t have to hurry to update. Changelog Proper handling for PHP errors on file uploading Function definitions moved from wp-contact-form-7.php in order to avoid defining the same function twice error Links updated in readme.txt German … Continue reading

Contact Form 7 2.0.1

I’ve released Contact Form 7 2.0.1. This version is mainly for bug fix and avoiding troubles that may arise when you upgrade from version 1.x. If you are using version 2.0 and have no difficulties now, you don’t have to hurry to update. Changelog Bug fixed: [text field-name 10/] <== this text size option doesn’t … Continue reading