Free Plugin Declaration: Contact Form 7 is Free

Before I started developing Contact Form 7 in 2007, I was an avid user of Ryan Duff’s WP Contact Form and Chip Cuccio’s Contact Form ][. I learned how to implement contact forms as WordPress plugin by looking at their code. These developers were like teachers. If they didn’t publish their plugins for free, Contact Form 7, which has been downloaded more than 6 million times, might not exist.

Open-source code is the best educational material for developers. Open-source community is invaluable for the new generation of developers. The community grows by bringing new members constantly; I believe this is also how the WordPress community has grown.

The current trend is selling WordPress plugins and themes. Even if their license is compliant with GPL, wouldn’t it be difficult for developers to learn from them? This trend could weaken the WordPress community over time.

I don’t like to follow this trend. Now I’d like to repeat, I will keep publishing Contact Form 7 as a free plugin forever.

Also, I’d like to show my appreciation to everyone who has donated to plugin developers. With your support, we can continue development of free plugins. Your contribution defends the philosophy of the open-source community. Please keep supporting. As a member of WordPress community, I’m proud of you.

New plugin: Support Tickets

Support Tickets is a new WordPress plugin I’ve created which allows you to create and manage a simple support ticket system or helpdesk system on your WordPress. If you are offering a support service and are looking for a simple tool to help you with that, Support Tickets is an excellent choice. I’m using this for my customization service for Contact Form 7, as well.

Download | Support Forum

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Contact Form 7 2.0.6

I have released Contact Form 7 2.0.6.


  • Italian translation updated by Gianni Diurno
  • German translation updated by Ivan Graf
  • Traditional Chinese translation updated by James Wu
  • Hebrew translation updated by Yaron Ofer
  • Demo mode for demonstrating the plugin (simulating sending mails; you can use this by inserting ‘demo_mode: on‘ into the Additional Settings section)
  • Added wpcf7_form_elements filter
  • Added wpcf7_mail_components filter
  • Changed effect for response box to slideDown form fadeIn
  • Changed to allow name-less tag to be validated
  • onSubmit JavaScript action (like onSentOk)
  • Czech translation updated by Radovan Fiser

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(Description in Japanese | 日本語)

Contact Form 7 2.0.6 をリリースしました。


  • Gianni Diurno さんによるイタリア語翻訳
  • Ivan Graf さんによるドイツ語翻訳
  • James Wu さんによる中国語(繁体字)翻訳
  • Yaron Ofer さんによるヘブライ語翻訳
  • プラグインのデモを行うための「デモモード」(メール送信を偽装する。追加設定の項目で ‘demo_mode: on‘ を指定することで使用可能)
  • wpcf7_form_elements フィルタを追加
  • wpcf7_mail_components フィルタを追加
  • レスポンス表示のエフェクトを fadeIn から slideDown に変更
  • 名前を持たないタグもバリデーション可能に
  • onSubmit JavaScript アクション (onSentOk に近い)
  • Radovan Fiser さんによるチェコ語翻訳

ダウンロード | プラグインのホームページ | FAQ | サポートフォーラム

Contact Form 7 Official Site Open!

Some of you may already be aware that I have opened the official site for the Contact Form 7 plugin. Currently, it has just a few things entered, but I am working to input more information on the site as we speak.

The site has English and Japanese pages which are linked to each other. I am utilizing the WPML plugin to make this multilingual site possible.

An additional service that I am offering on this site is a paid customization service for Contact Form 7. If you need a unique customization for Contact Form 7, and don’t know of any professional developers to ask for help or to handle this for you, this may be useful service for you to consider.

(Japanese | 日本語で)

もうまえから気づいてたひともいたかもしれませんが、Contact Form 7 の特設サイトができました! いまのところ大した内容はありませんがこれから少しずつ増やしていきます。

このサイトは英語ページと日本語ページがあるんですが、これは WPML というプラグインで実現しています。


Contact Form 7 2.0.5

I have released Contact Form 7 2.0.5. This version has a few bug fixes and improvements.


  • Hungarian translation updated by János Csárdi-Braunstein
  • Error control (@ operator) for stat() call
  • Add wpcf7_form_action_url filter
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation updated by Caciano Gabriel Batista
  • Add includes/controller.php and move codes to it from settings.php
  • Load modules earlier
  • Use wp_enqueue_style() to load CSS style sheets
  • Bug fix: strip slashes BEFORE serializing
  • Bug fix: make “upload failed with PHP error” message editable
  • Add wpcf7_before_send_mail action hook
  • Make sending mails controllable with skip_mail variable
  • Thai translation created by kazama
  • Change default mail template and add some info

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(Description in Japanese | 日本語)

Contact Form 7 2.0.5 をリリースしました。このバージョンはいくつかのバグ修正と改善を含んでいます。


  • János Csárdi-Braunstein さんによるハンガリー語翻訳の更新
  • stat() のエラー抑制
  • wpcf7_form_action_url フィルターの追加
  • Caciano Gabriel Batista さんによるブラジル・ポルトガル語翻訳の更新
  • includes/controller.php を追加して settings.php からコードを移動
  • モジュールのロードをより早い段階で行う
  • CSS スタイルシートの読み込みに wp_enqueue_style() を使う
  • バグ修正: シリアライズする前にスラッシュ除去を行う
  • バグ修正: 「PHP のエラーでアップロード失敗」のメッセージを編集可能に
  • wpcf7_before_send_mail アクションフックの追加
  • skip_mail 変数でメール送信を制御可能に
  • kazama さんによるタイ語翻訳の作成
  • デフォルトのメールテンプレートを変更して情報を追加

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Contact Form 7 2.0.4

I released Contact Form 7 2.0.4. The include_blank option for drop down menu was not working with Contact Form 7 2.0.3. If you are using the include_blank option, please update to Contact Form 7 2.0.4. Excuse me for many updates.

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(Description in Japanese | 日本語)

Contact Form 7 2.0.4 をリリースしました。ドロップダウンメニューで include_blank オプションが正常に機能しないバグが Contact Form 7 2.0.3 で見つかり、それの修正をおこなったものです。include_blank オプションを使用しているなら Contact Form 7 2.0.4 にアップデートしてください。

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