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Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible.

  • Supports multiple contact forms.
  • You can customize form and mail contents with simple markup.
  • AJAX submitting with jQuery Form Plugin.
  • Spam filtering with Akismet.
  • Bot prevention with CAPTCHA.

Download and Install

Download the latest release from plugin directory.

  1. Upload whole contact-form-7 folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


  1. Open admin page [Options] – [Contact Form 7] [Manage] – [Contact Form 7].

    Update: If you are using WordPress 2.7 or greater, you can find the admin page under [Tools] – [Contact Form 7].

  2. Edit default “Contact form 1” or add new and save it.
  3. Copy [contact-form ...] code and paste it into the content of any posts you need the contact form.


See Contact Form 7 FAQ

How to customize form and mail contents

You can use “tags” in several fields. Contact Form 7’s “tag” is formed string enclosed in square brackets [].

A tag used in form content is replaced by HTML form control element like <input> or <textarea>.

A tag used in mail template is replaced by user input of element with the same name.


In this picture, a tag [textarea your-message ...] inserted in form content is replaced by <textarea> tag with name="your-message" attribute.

When a visitor input into this <textarea> field and submit, Contact Form 7 generates a mail based on mail template. Since message body field has [your-message] tag, this tag replaced by the user input message.

Tags in form content

You can use the following types of tags in form content.

Type Replaced by Validated as
text <input type="text" /> Any text
text* <input type="text" /> Any text / Required
email <input type="text" /> Email address
email* <input type="text" /> Email address / Required
textarea <textarea> </textarea> Any text
textarea* <textarea> </textarea> Any text / Required
select <select> </select>
select+ <select> </select>
checkbox <input type="checkbox" /> ...
checkbox+ <input type="checkbox" /> ...
radio <input type="radio" /> ...
captchac <img /> CAPTCHA
See How to use CAPTCHA
captchar <input type="text" />
submit <input type="submit" />

The syntax of tag is not so easy. You can use Generate Tag menu under Form textarea to make a tag you need.

I show you some examples of tags.

  • [text your-name 40/100 "John Smith"]

    This tag is replaced with:
    <input type="text" name="your-name" size="40" maxlength="100" value="John Smith" />

  • [email* your-email 60/ id:email]

    <input type="text" name="your-email" id="email" size="60" />

  • [textarea your-message 80x15 "Write message here."]

    <textarea name="your-message" cols="80" rows="15">Write message here.</textarea>

  • [select your-country "China" "India" "other"]
    <select name="your-country">
      <option value="China">China</option>
      <option value="India">India</option>
      <option value="other">other</option>

I wrote about tag syntax.

How to use Akismet on Contact Form 7

1. You need Akismet plugin. If you have not activated it yet, activate it first.
2. Open Contact Form 7’s admin page and edit Form text area as:

  • Add akismet:author option to the tag of field which requires sender’s name.
    Example: [text* your-name akismet:author]
  • Add akismet:author_email option to the tag of field which requires sender’s email address.
    Example: [email* your-email akismet:author_email]
  • Add akismet:author_url option to the tag of field which requires sender’s URL.
    Example: [text your-url akismet:author_url]

Once you have activated the Akismet plugin and at least one of the akismet: options is set, Contact Form 7 will send all of a sender’s input as well as any other information related to input activity to the Akismet server. Akismet will then judge whether this input is likely to be spam.

When Akismet judges a message as spam, Contact Form 7 sends no mail and shows a response message with an orange border line (the third example in the picture below).

To make sure the spam filtering is working, send a message with “viagra-test-123” as the sender’s name. If the test is a success, the message will be judged as spam.


0.9 (2007/04/30)
Initial release.
1.0 (2007/05/20)
Tag helper.
1.1 (2007/08/02)
File restructuring.
1.2 (2007/08/16)
jQuery Form Plugin introduced.
1.3 (2007/08/26)
New tag type: [select]
1.3.1 (2007/08/26)
Critical bug about JavaScript loading fixed.
1.3.2 (2007/09/03)
Bug fix around jQuery.
1.4 (2007/09/07)
Akismet spam filtering introduced.
1.4.1 (2007/09/11)
Add Spanish and Catalan translations.
1.4.2 (2007/09/13)
Add German translation.
1.4.3 (2007/09/15)
Add Polish translation.
1.4.4 (2007/09/17)
Add French translation.
1.5 (2007/10/07)
CAPTCHA introduced.
1.6 (2007/10/17)
Mail (2) and UI improvement for admin page.
1.6.1 (2007/10/27)
Sidebar widget support.
1.7 (2007/11/27)
New tag type: [select+], [checkbox], [checkbox+] and [radio]
1.7.1 (2007/12/06)
Made wpcf7 variable global. Polish translation updated.
1.7.2 (2007/12/13)
Bugfix. Czech translation added.
1.7.3 (2007/12/23)
New default: and label-first options added.
1.7.4 (2007/12/30)
select+ and checkbox+ tag types removed. multiple and exclusive options added.
1.7.5 (2008/01/26)
Two fixes and include_blank option.
1.7.6 (2008/03/02)
New acceptance tag added.

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