8 thoughts on “Why We Should Choose Free Plugins

  1. Totally agree with your comments, I’ve seen other open source web applications change dramatically because of their “paid” plugins and the community just dies out. It’s just sad.

    And thank you for creating Contact Form 7.

  2. Wow, as a long time WordPress veteran (and of course plug-in user :)) I agree to every slide in your prezentation. Cheers and keep the good work up!

  3. I completely agree that free plug-ins with appropriate donations by users (emphasis on that!) is the ideal. For an example of how paid plug-ins can ruin an open source app, look at Magento Community Edition. It’s a disaster now.

  4. awesome points made in your presentation. thanks for being a proponent for open community. and thanks for your development efforts. i hope to pay it forward in the same manner. :-)

  5. All 20 slides are very true. That’s why I admire the creator of the plugin and I use them in all of my WP sites. Thank You

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