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Really Simple CAPTCHA 1.2

I have released Really Simple CAPTCHA 1.2. This update includes several security fixes, so upgrading quickly is highly recommended.

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5 replies on “Really Simple CAPTCHA 1.2”

Upgraded this morning to your latest version and it repeatedly is crashing my site. I get a fatal error message that says “……..plugins/contact-form-7/includes/functions.php on line 104”.

I have deactivated and activated 3 times… same result. If I keep deactivated, my site works (what I have now but with no contact form) and if I activate, everything crashes again…

Please help.


Not much response from the Plugin Author on the issues that are seen on WordPress version 3.0.1… I opened a forum thread at to see if we can get some suggestions. My issues are with the Plugin “Support Tickets” which works like a champ on WordPress version 2.9.2, but not 3.0.1. I’m assuming the compatibility issues are across the board with all the Plugins from this author.

Is it possible to implement Really Simple Captcha when users leave comments on my articles?

Really Simple Captcha v 1.3, WordPress v 3.0.1.


Dear Mr. Miyoshi,

My company has created a new CAPTCHA replacement tech. WIthin 12 hours of releasing our WordPress plugin, we had several requests specifically to get it working with your Contact Form 7 plugin.

I had to explain that we can’t change the functionality of other developer’s plugins, but I promised I would make every effort to get in touch with you.

It seems like you have created the most popular contact form for WordPress.

I couldn’t find any contact information for you, but I would appreciate it very much if you would be able to respond to this posting by email.

Yours truly,
Chris Ivey

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