Cacoo is cool!

Honestly, I used to hate to write documentation. Because I’m not an especially good writer (particularly in English!), I always needed lots of pictures to help supplement my descriptions — and drawing is yet another pain.

Launching PhotoShop and drawing bad pictures with great effort, exporting the drawing to a PNG file, launching an FTP tool, uploading the file to my server, then checking its appearance with a browser, and quickly finding flaws on it — and then having to start the process all over again — that is awful and boring.

Recently, however, this issue has been fixed. I’ve started using a new web application called “Cacoo.” Cacoo is an online drawing tool that I think is greatly suited to creating illustrations for online documentations.

Actually, I have totally switched to Cacoo. I’m doing a great number of illustrations on Cacoo and putting them into my documentation for Contact Form 7. You can see these illustrations on

illustration created with Cacoo illustration created with Cacoo

The image files are served directly from Cacoo, so FTP is no longer required! And it also means that when you update the image on Cacoo, the update is reflected on your site at the same time. If you manage online documentations like I do, I think you will really like this tool.

I heard that the Cacoo team attended the recent WordCampNYC and demoed there, so some of you might have seen them.

9 replies on “Cacoo is cool!”

thank you for that recommendation. I am planing to start a little online documentation for my clients using wordpress.
I will give it a try!


thanks for sharing Cacoo!

If you’re writing this blog and your support guides in your second language and they are this good then you are a great writer!


Even though I like using Photoshop quite a bit to develop graphics, Cacoo seems like it could be useful for specific graphic creation (diagrams, instructions, etc.). Thanks for the post.

I agree that painting is a pain, certainly one of my weaknesses :) so thanks a lot for this tip, I just signed up to Cacoo and I love it! Superb!

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