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Support Tickets 1.0.1

Support Tickets 1.0.1 is now available.


  • Bug fix: Additional fields don’t show up.
  • Bug fix: Backslashes disappear.
  • Call $captcha->cleanup() if callable. Shorten cleanup period to 1h.

Download | Support Forum

14 replies on “Support Tickets 1.0.1”

contact form have a mail option that let you put the tags that you created, but support ticket dont show this option, so when you try to add new tag, yo cant send it to mail.
Where going the form that the customer fills before submit a ticket?

Is there any way to customize the plugin so I can authorize an Author or Contributor to answer tickets?

also.. is there a way for notification emails to go to a specific user after he/she replies to a ticket?

I’d like to force users to login to submit tickets, then have them tracked within their account. Is there any way of doing this without extensive modification? Is this something that may be added in a future version?

I started getting the following error when using the Contact 7 form. It’s the uptodate version. My wordpress site is hosted on a windows server.

Thanks for your help.

“Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.”

After hitting submit, on the front end submission, the page just stays there. just the ajax loader gif appears right below the “send” submit button…any ideas?

however, i ticket is generated, and emails are sent

Miyoshi, thanks for this great plugin…

how can I have the email of the sender show in the body of the message? or make it so that the Name of the sender is highlighted with an email link of his/her email? right now there’s no way to know what the email of the sender is.

I’d really appreciate it if you can show me how to do that.

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