reCAPTCHA module

reCAPTCHA module for Contact Form 7

This is not available now.

21 replies on “reCAPTCHA module”

Hi! thx for the contact form and the modules, they are great! I have just a problem with the color of the captcha, it’s always red and I can’t change it (the options in reCAPTCHA have effect only on the comments but not on the contact form)

Which readme.txt file contains the usage instructions? CF7 or WP-recaptcha? I looked in both and I can’t find it. I’m basically confused about the “your-recaptcha” part of the tag. Is that my API key? I tried that but it didn’t work.

Yep. I have it downloaded and installed with our API keys (same ones we use in Register Plus).

Actually, it installed 4 files (the two you mentioned, recaptchalib.php, and recaptcha.css). I looked through that readme and the ContactForm 7 readme and I didn’t see anything about how to use the tag. Am I missing something obvious?

Ah, never mind. I figured it out. You need the recaptcha plugin and your module. I didn’t realize they were different downloads.

Thanks so much for this plugin. I did a quick Google search and couldn’t find reCAPTCHA for CF7, so I was about to get to work coding and submitting a patch. Glad you beat me to it.

How do you go about changing the default theme when using CF7 & reCAPTCHA module?
By default its red, and there’s not an option to change it to white, blackglass or clean.

^^ same issue as Dan. Would really like to use this, but the links are borked. I searched all over but found no mention of it.

I’m a bit confused as to why you stopped this…?

I -love- Contact 7, but the spam-bots are killing me without some recaptcha security.

Can’t we have a way to insert it or enable it?

Pretty please?

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