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Contact Form 7 2.0.6

I have released Contact Form 7 2.0.6.


  • Italian translation updated by Gianni Diurno
  • German translation updated by Ivan Graf
  • Traditional Chinese translation updated by James Wu
  • Hebrew translation updated by Yaron Ofer
  • Demo mode for demonstrating the plugin (simulating sending mails; you can use this by inserting ‘demo_mode: on‘ into the Additional Settings section)
  • Added wpcf7_form_elements filter
  • Added wpcf7_mail_components filter
  • Changed effect for response box to slideDown form fadeIn
  • Changed to allow name-less tag to be validated
  • onSubmit JavaScript action (like onSentOk)
  • Czech translation updated by Radovan Fiser

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(Description in Japanese | 日本語)

Contact Form 7 2.0.6 をリリースしました。


  • Gianni Diurno さんによるイタリア語翻訳
  • Ivan Graf さんによるドイツ語翻訳
  • James Wu さんによる中国語(繁体字)翻訳
  • Yaron Ofer さんによるヘブライ語翻訳
  • プラグインのデモを行うための「デモモード」(メール送信を偽装する。追加設定の項目で ‘demo_mode: on‘ を指定することで使用可能)
  • wpcf7_form_elements フィルタを追加
  • wpcf7_mail_components フィルタを追加
  • レスポンス表示のエフェクトを fadeIn から slideDown に変更
  • 名前を持たないタグもバリデーション可能に
  • onSubmit JavaScript アクション (onSentOk に近い)
  • Radovan Fiser さんによるチェコ語翻訳

ダウンロード | プラグインのホームページ | FAQ | サポートフォーラム

18 replies on “Contact Form 7 2.0.6”

Technically it is not a bug because the problem does not occur on wordpress alone.

But if used with wp-united, which “runs” wordpress from phpbb, the error occurs.

This is caused by $wpcf7_shortcode_manager not being “defined”. Somehow it only occurs if wordpress is “run” from phpbb.

The solution is to either make it a global variable upfront before defining it, or define it within each function. Since it is being global within the functions, why not make it global upfront and allow it to work with wp-united?

It would be nice if you could consider incorporating the fix.

@sykong $wpcf7_shortcode_manager is a variable assigned in the global scope, and all functions refer the variable declare ‘global $wpcf7_shortcode_manager;’ already. So it should work, and even if it doesn’t work, adding another global declaration shouldn’t be a fix for it. So far, I don’t see any logical reason why WP-United conflicts with Contact Form 7 and how should it be fixed. Have you asked the developer of WP-United?

Under wp-united, wordpress is executed from within another function. Your functions then become nested within.

If it’s true, of cource it can’t work. How many variables set in global scope do you think?

I don’t think it’s a good practice. I suggest you to ask WP-United developer.

Very confused. I see new filters listed, but I can’t find a description of ANY of the filters or how to use them. Is there a document like the tag syntax page that lists them? Also, you mention the new javascript function, but again there are no instructions on use.

I really like this plugin and the flexibility it offers. However, the lack of documentation makes it very difficult to use. For example, why isn’t the tag syntax page on this site listed on the actual contactform7 website?

I know. I know. I’ll do it when I can get time. One person is doing all development, support and documentation, and one day has only 24 hours here. Understand, please.

No, it refers actually the same thing. You can use the on_sent_ok keyword in your Additional Settings field. onSentOk is its reflection on JavaScript.

Hi, I have got a problem i’m not sure it’s already discussed (sorry I searched about, but i didn’t find a solution elsewhere): I uploaded my CF7 to 2.0.6 version and nothing works anymore. WordPress interface says to me “The database table for Contact Form 7 does not exist. You must create the table for it to work”, but the link to “create the table” doesn’t work. It doesn’t create any table.. Can anyone help me (considering I’m not a programmer or a db skilled admin)? Thanks you very much.

I´ve just installed CF2.06 yesterday in a new WP 2.8.4 Version. First it seems to work fine, then I´ve checked it with opera and notice that nothing happens, if I press on the “send” Button.
With the installed Plugin in Opera all my Send Buttons [those for the comments too] have no effct anymore. When I deactivate the Plugin, everything is fine again… Any solutions? :/

miyoshi, thanks for a efforts and great plugin! Really appreaciate.

In previous version there was an issue that image sending via form was not working. Does it work in this version?


In the current version of Contact form 7, I can send out 2 emails when a user signs up by enabling the checkbox “use mail (2)”.

I was wondering if there is a way to modify the code to enable a “use mail (3)”? I want send 3 separate emails whenever someone submits a form.


This plugin is great, however, is there any way to control the availability of tags or the form itself depending on the user role or even if it’s a logged in user or not?

My scenario is that i want logged in users to be able to post, but non users should not be able but rather show a “register to send” label.

And while i was typing, i actually checked the includes and figured out that editing the function form_html() ‘s first row to:

if (!is_user_logged_in()) { return “You need to login to be able to use the form”; }

if anyone else comes across the same issue.

Should be fairly simple to implement with settings :)

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