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Contact Form 7 Official Site Open!

Some of you may already be aware that I have opened the official site for the Contact Form 7 plugin. Currently, it has just a few things entered, but I am working to input more information on the site as we speak.

The site has English and Japanese pages which are linked to each other. I am utilizing the WPML plugin to make this multilingual site possible.

An additional service that I am offering on this site is a paid customization service for Contact Form 7. If you need a unique customization for Contact Form 7, and don’t know of any professional developers to ask for help or to handle this for you, this may be useful service for you to consider.

(Japanese | 日本語で)

もうまえから気づいてたひともいたかもしれませんが、Contact Form 7 の特設サイトができました! いまのところ大した内容はありませんがこれから少しずつ増やしていきます。

このサイトは英語ページと日本語ページがあるんですが、これは WPML というプラグインで実現しています。


3 replies on “Contact Form 7 Official Site Open!”

There is a bug in your contact for that crashes any integration with WP-United (the PHPBB integration with WordPress)
The error is that when using PHPBB integration, the global global $wpcf7_shortcode_manager; ia not defined, so I had to check if it is defined with isset and it works…

To fix it, go in plugins/contact-form-7/includes/shortcodes.php

and replace at the end :

$wpcf7_shortcode_manager = new WPCF7_ShortcodeManager();

function wpcf7_add_shortcode( $tag, $func, $has_name = false ) {
global $wpcf7_shortcode_manager;
if (isset($wpcf7_shortcode_manager)) return $wpcf7_shortcode_manager->add_shortcode( $tag, $func, $has_name );
else return false;

function wpcf7_remove_shortcode( $tag ) {
global $wpcf7_shortcode_manager;
if (isset($wpcf7_shortcode_manager)) return $wpcf7_shortcode_manager->remove_shortcode( $tag );

function wpcf7_do_shortcode( $content ) {
global $wpcf7_shortcode_manager;

if (isset($wpcf7_shortcode_manager)) return $wpcf7_shortcode_manager->do_shortcode( $content );

function wpcf7_get_shortcode_regex() {
global $wpcf7_shortcode_manager;

if (isset($wpcf7_shortcode_manager)) return $wpcf7_shortcode_manager->get_shortcode_regex();

hi, the plugin works like a charm for me, thank you for that! one minor issue is that the validation of individual fields, red bordered boxes that appear floated above the input fields, do not work in ie8, or to be more specific there are layout issues and it appears broken. if there is a fix for it anyone is aware of, would love to hear about it! ;) it is surprisingly smooth and functional plugin otherwise, would hate needing to break into the code and replacing it with own validation…

The width of the input boxes are fixed and too long. They are breaking my sidebar which is 270px wide…

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