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Try Contact Form 7 2.0 Beta!

Contact Form 7 2.0 is slated to be released at the end of this month. There are so many changes and enhancements from Version 1.x that I’m very impatient to show it to you.

But, as you may know, many changes mean a great deal of testing. If you have time — and the curiosity (and are somewhat brave) — please join in on the testing of Contact Form 7 2.0 Beta.

You can download the beta release from Plugin Directory.

Before beginning to test, please note that:

  • Version 2 requires WordPress 2.7 or higher
  • The menu has been moved to the top level, from the Tools menu
  • Version 2 creates a table on your database

    Your old data is migrated to the table automatically; but I encourage you to backup your database in preparation of any possible difficulties.

The central aim of Version 2 is higher extensibility — you can easily add your own functionality to the plugin.

Those types of changes are mainly done at the back-end. So, if you do not look into the source codes, you’ll think almost nothing has changed; but actually there are a great many changes. I’ll write more about this at a later time.

(in Japanese from here)

Contact Form 7 2.0 のリリースを今月末に予定しています。非常にたくさんの変更が行われていて、そのため事前のテストをいつもより入念に行う必要があると考えています。あなたがお暇で勇敢なら、どうか Contact Form 7 2.0 のベータ版のテストにおつきあいください。

ベータ版のリリースは のプラグインディレクトリからダウンロードできます。


  • Contact Form 7 2 から WordPress 2.7 以上のみの対応になります
  • メニューの位置が従来の「ツール」の下からトップレベルのメニューに移動しています
  • データベースにテーブルを1個新たに作成します


バージョン 2 の主眼は拡張性の向上にあります。これにより独自の機能性を追加することが簡単になります。


6 replies on “Try Contact Form 7 2.0 Beta!”

WPMUでも、Contact Form 7を使わせていただいて、

Hey! I’m a huge fan of Contact Form 7, but there’s one feature that I’ve been wanting for a while now. The ability to include a form inside of a template by using PHP. For example, or . Do you think you’ll be able to integrate this feature in 2.0? That would be awesome!


Can you support SI CAPTCHA plugin instead of Really Simple CAPTCHA?

Keep up the good work!


I am working on a new website and have added CF7. The test site is currently at:

For some reason, when I submit the form I do not receive either a confirmation or failure message but rather I am redirected to the home page.

I am not an expert, so I am sure I have made a error of some kind. Everything on the CF7 settings page looks correct so could it be something else?


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