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Contact Form 7 1.9.1

Happy New Year! I have just released Contact Form 7 1.9.1 and this version includes support of pipe notation, little bug fixes and translation updates.

Pipe Support

Imagine that you are a webmaster of a company and you need a contact form on your site which will allow the sender to select an email recipient. Let’s say that the options are the CEO of the company (, the sales department ( and the support department (

You’ve been able to achieve this in the past with Contact Form 7 in this way: first, make a drop-down menu or radio button for the selection (you can do this by inserting a form tag such as:

[select recipient "" "" ""]

into the form template); second, enter a corresponding mail tag ‘[recipient]‘ into the ‘To:‘ field. This ensures that the email is sent to the specific address that the sender selected.

However, there has been a problem with this. By using this procedure, the email addresses are revealed over the Internet and this is not good. These addresses could then become targets of evil spammers very quickly.

So, what you need is a way to allow senders to select from closed data safely. The pipe (‘|’) support is just for this very purpose.

Change the form tag of drop-down menu to:

[select recipient "CEO|" "Sales|" "Support|"]

If you insert a pipe (‘|’) character in the middle of the option value, only the part before the pipe will be open to the outside, and the part after the pipe will be used for mail replacement.

Pipe sample image

You can use this pipe only in the drop-down menu values, radio buttons or checkboxes. If you don’t like this feature, you may define the constant WPCF7_USE_PIPE as false to disable it.

Translation Updates

New additions:


Thank you very much!

(Japanese / 日本語)

明けましておめでとうございます。Contact Form 7 1.9.1 をリリースしました。パイプ記法のサポート、少量のバグ修正、翻訳のアップデートが含まれています。


あなたが会社のサイトのウェブマスターになった場面を想像してください。そのサイト上に、送信者が宛先を選択できる仕組みのコンタクトフォームを設置することになったとしましょう。わかりやすい例として会社の CEO (、営業担当(、サポート担当( の3つから宛先を選択できることにします。

こういったコンタクトフォームは、これまでの Contact Form 7 を使っても実現することは可能でした。まずドロップダウンメニューかラジオボタンを設置して (つまり次のようなフォームタグをフォームのテンプレート内に挿入するわけですが)、

[select recipient "" "" ""]

次にこれに対応するメールタグ ‘[recipient]‘ を ‘宛先:‘ の項目に入力します。こうすることでメールは送信者が選んだアドレスに送信されることになります。


というような事情で、データは公開したくないがそのデータを選択対象としては使いたいというニーズを安全に満たす必要が出てきたわけですが、パイプ (‘|’) のサポートはまさにこの目的のためにあるのです。


[select recipient "CEO|" "営業担当|" "サポート担当|"]

オプションの値の中でパイプ文字 (‘|’) が使われている場合、外部に公開されるのはパイプより前の部分だけで、またメールのテンプレートで使われるのはパイプより後の部分になります。

パイプをこの機能で使うことができるのはドロップダウンメニュー、ラジオボタン、チェックボックスの場合に限られます。もしこの機能が好きにはなれなくて無効に(つまり以前と同じに)したい場合は、WPCF7_USE_PIPE 定数を false として定義すればそうなります。





67 replies on “Contact Form 7 1.9.1”

I have added this form and managed to add multiple recipients like you demonstrated above. I also added the captcha but when I hit submit(testing to make sure it works) I keep getting this error “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.”

Any idea why this is happening?

Is there a way to have something else rather than the first part of the email address? Say a person’s full name?

Thank you – this is exactly the info I needed, presented very clearly. I appreciate your efforts!

great, but.. any way to preload an option.
like passing. ?recipient=CEO


works well but preloaded option would be useful and mean I could link from specific people’s pages straight to the contact page without the user having to input the recipient

Thank you for the helpful steps. This has been a very big help. I had spent an hour struggling with CF7 to get this to work. Thanks!

Using pipe notation i.e. General Enquiries |, I can’t figure out how to feed the item before the pipe (general enquiries) into the content of the email that is generated. So that the person picking it up knows the topic they have selected. For example, the enquiry topic simply shows the email address, the item after the pipe. Any tricks? Am I making sense? Thanks for your help.

Like everyone else has mentioned, is there any way to get the text to the left of the pipe to show up in the subject field of the sending email? :) thanks!

In case anyone was wondering how to send to multiple recipients, simply separate the recipients using a Comma instead of a semicolon. Form as such:

[select recipient
“Option Number One|”
“Option Number Two|,“]

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