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Contact Form 7 1.9

Contact Form 7 1.9 is now available!

Required WordPress version changed

New required version is WordPress 2.5 or greater. This change is needed because Contact Form 7 1.9 uses the Shortcode API which is introduced in WordPress 2.5. Using the Shortcode API allows you to redece the possibility of conflicts with other plugins.

New admin panel design compatible with WordPress 2.7

In WordPress 2.7, you can find the admin panel of Contact Form 7 under the Tools menu. Basic usage has not been changed, but it has been improved to be comparable with the new elegant admin interface of WordPress 2.7.

Contact Form 7 new admin panel

File uploading and attachment support

To explain this new feature in detail, I will need an extra post. Briefly, however, you can allow your visitors to upload their files, and then an email with an attachment of that file is sent to you. To use this feature, you need WordPress 2.7 or greater.

HTML mail support

This allows you to receive HTML formatted mail with text/html content type. If you need HTML mail, simply check the “Use HTML content type” option in the Mail fields, and then write in the Message Body text area with HTML tags.

Arabic translation

Arabic translation has been newly added. Quite amazingly, two people from other countries sent me this add-in within a very short period of time. To respect them fairly and equally, I’ll publish this, giving credit to both: Tarek Chaaban and Muhammed Lardi. Thank you very much.

(Japanese / 日本語)

Contact Form 7 1.9 をリリースしました。

必要な WordPress バージョンの変更

Contact Form 7 1.9 以降、正常な動作には WordPress 2.5 以上が必要になります。この変更は WordPress 2.5 で導入された Shortcode API の使用に伴うものです。Shortcode API の使用により他のプラグインとのコンフリクトの低減が期待できます。

WordPress 2.7 に対応した新しい管理パネルデザイン

WordPress 2.7 では Contact Form 7 の管理パネルはツール(Tools)メニュー下に置かれます。基本的な操作手順に変更はありませんが、新しい WordPress 2.7 の洗練された管理インタフェイスに最適になるよう改善を行いました。


詳しい説明は別記事で行いますが、かいつまんで説明すると、フォームにファイルアップロード項目を追加して、そこでアップロードされたファイルをメールに添付できるようになります。この機能を使うには WordPress 2.7 以降が必要です。

HTML メールのサポート

HTML タグが使えて text/html のコンテンツタイプで送信されるいわゆる HTML メールに対応しました。これを使うには、メールのフィールドセットに加えられた「HTML 形式のメールを使用する」にチェックを入れて、あとはメッセージ本文のなかで適当に HTML のタグを埋め込んでください。


アラビア語の翻訳が新たに加わりました。世の中には奇妙な偶然があるもので、ごく短期間のうちに別々の国に住む別々の人物から翻訳ファイルが送られてきました。公平を期して両名のクレジットを記載します。Tarek Chaaban さんと Muhammed Lardi さん、どうもありがとう。

14 replies on “Contact Form 7 1.9”

I love this plugin! It’s a shame this isn’t built into the WordPress’ core functionality.

The only change I’d love to see is for it to line-wrap long lists of forms. I’ve got ten forms going, and I need to do some side scrolling action to see the whole list.

Again, love the plugin. We couldn’t do our site without it.

chance, you mentioned about contact form link list in the admin panel of the plugin, right? If so, thank you very much! Now I realized it. I’ll handle it soon.


I’ve just installed your latest version on WP 2.7, and am getting the following error.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagetypes() in /home/joe/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php on line 1386

Can you help?

it’s me again, :D

miyoshi,I like your stuff, how about I help to translate your plugin into my native language (Indonesia). ;)

It’s my pleasure to help you bro!

Because of that could you give me an explanation how to me could do this.
I am waiting your information, if you do not mind send your information to my email.

patembe, there is an instruction on Codex how to translate WordPress, it’s also applicable to plugin like Contact Form 7 so you should read it first. I recommend you use poEdit. Contact Form 7’s translation files reside in wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/languages folder. There has been an Indonesian translation (wpcf7-id_ID.po and .mo) already written by Hendry Lee. If you decide to update it, I’d like to suggest you to contact him. Feel free to ask me if you need help. Good luck!


i love your plug-in however, when i add the plugin to a page the layout of the pages moves a few pixels to the left. any idea what causes this and how to fix it?

kind regards



Is Opera 9 not supported?

It just sits there forever after clicking the submit button. At least it does the little animation thing.

Just checking,


For some reason, my form works with the exception of the tags that I entered (check boxes and pull-down menu). I don’t get any errors but the users’ info. from these items do not appear in my email. Any suggestions?



Hajdarovic, thanks! Happy new year! Many translators uses poEdit. The translation files are in languages folder. I’m looking forward to seeing your Croatian translation!

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