Contact Form 7

I released Contact Form 7 This update includes a few bug fixes and four newly added translations.

Thank you so much!

My developing of Contact Form 7 1.8.1 is late. I’m planning to release it in the beginning of next month.

Testing PollDaddy. Give it a try!


Contact Form 7 をリリースしました。いくつかのバグフィックスに加え、インドネシア語、ギリシャ語、ペルシャ語、スロベニア語の各言語ファイルが新たに追加されています。

Contact Form 7 1.8.1 の開発が遅れています。来月の上旬までにはリリースする予定です。

16 thoughts on “Contact Form 7

  1. 初めまして。
    Contact Form 7 1.7.8を初めて試させていただきました。

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the release. It’s working like a charm!

    I’m using Firefox’s Web Developer Extension, and after installing CF 7 I get this error:

    Error: jQuery(“div.wpcf7 > form”).ajaxForm is not a function
    Source File: /wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/contact-form-7.js
    Line: 5

  3. Mohammad Musavi, I saw your site and confirmed the issue. I couldn’t reproduce it on my site, though. It might be related to invalid HTML structure, I’m not sure, but chech it with HTML validator first, please?

  4. Hi Takayuki,
    I just installed Contact Form 7 on my new site. Thanks very much for making it so easy to use with WordPress. Well done. I have two things I was hoping to ask.

    First: The text fields on my contact form doesn’t have any borders. Only when I added “border: medium double #000000;” to “span.wpcf7-form-control-wrap {position: relative;}” did it add borders. Is there a better way to handle borders?

    Second: If you take a look at my contact page: …the border in the “Your Message” text field doesn’t go around the entire box. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    Thanks again for everything,

  5. Jeremy, to answer to your first question, you should add styles to input elements. Like below:

    div.wpcf7 input { border: 1px solid #000; }

    To the second question, your HTML and Javascript have syntax errors. Check your site with HTML validator first.

  6. hola, es posible agregarle opciones como:
    – enviar texto como html
    – enviar ip, referido, navegador, etc.

  7. Hi Miyoshi,

    My email address is displaying in Google because of this:

    Please do something before I get bombarded with SPAM.

    Thanks my friend

  8. rigoberto, gracias por la buena idea! Formulario de contacto 7 1.8.1 apoya el envío de la dirección IP. Pruébalo!

    (translated by Google; Sorry, I don’t know Spanish at all.)

  9. Mohammad, I did replace your email address on your wpcf7-fa_IR.po file. But, unfortunately, I can do nothing to released version and packages already downloaded by our users.

  10. no problem, just the svn was broadcasting my email to email harvesters like a piece of cake. I’ll make sure to insert email addresses with “at” instead of the usual @ sign. Thanks Miyoshi

    BTW two things that need the language strings attached are “Message” & “show” at the bottom of the plugin page.

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