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I released Contact Form 7 1.7.8 after a long interval. This release includes two bug fixes and two translations update.

Apostrophe in drop down menu issue reported by majestique and locale setting of default contact form issue reported by Henrique were resolved.

Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) translation was updated by Henrique Vianna. Romanian (ro) translation was newly added by Stas Sushkov. Now Contact Form 7 has 18 translations. Thank you all contributors.

I’m working hard to release next version 1.8 now. It will be released in next month. It will include some new tags and features that make it more customizable.

(In Japanese from here.)

Contact Form 7 1.7.8 をリリースしました。2つのバグフィックスと2つの翻訳の更新を含みます。

majestique さんから報告のあったドロップダウンメニューの項目にアポストロフィが含まれている場合に起こる問題と、Henrique さんから報告のあったデフォルトのコンタクトフォームが正しくロケール設定されない問題が解決されました。

ブラジルのポルトガル語 (pt_BR) の翻訳が Henrique Vianna さんにより更新されました。ルーマニア語 (ro) の翻訳が Stas Sushkov さんにより新たに追加されました。これにより Contact Form 7 は18 の言語に翻訳されたことになります。貢献された皆さんに感謝します。

現在、次の Contact Form 7 1.8 のリリースに向けて開発を進めているところです。来月までにリリースする予定です。1.8 はいくつかの新しいタグとカスタマイズを容易にする新たな機能が搭載されます。

45 thoughts on “Contact Form 7 1.7.8

  1. Hi,

    Can you please make this plug-in Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict ?

    The input fields simply need to be between a fieldset.

    Pretty simple fix:

    Line 589:

    $form .= ”;

    Line 590:

    $form .= ”;

    Just in case that does not come out right please see:



  2. はじめまして。

    早速ですが、 Contact Form 7 について、少し提案させていただきたいことがあります。
    Contact Form 7 の使用時に、ブロック要素を持つ HTML コードを出力するショートコードが p 要素で囲まれてしまい、マークアップが不正になることを確認しています。
    が行う処理には、現在の wpautop() にある、

    $pee = preg_replace(‘/\s*?(‘ . get_shortcode_regex() . ‘)\s*/s’, ‘$1’, $pee); // don’t auto-p wrap shortcodes that stand alone

    /wp-includes/formatting.php の 100 行目です。


  3. mizube さん、ご指摘ありがとうございます。wpautop_substitute() の実装が古い wpautop() をベースにしたまま更新されていなかったので、次の v1.8 では更新を行うことにします。

  4. Is there a way to add a drop down list or other means for having multiple selectable recipients in a form? Like if I wanted a email “x” form, where people could choose someone to contact?

  5. No es compatible con Firefox 3.0.1 !!!!!!

    It is not compatible with Firefox 3.0.1 !!!!!

  6. The plugin causes a javascript error on my blog when using IE7, FF is ok, all other plugins turned off.

    Line: 2 Error Object doesn’t support this property or method.

    In script debugger this is highlighted:
    jQuery(‘div.wpcf7 > form’).ajaxForm({
    beforeSubmit: wpcf7BeforeSubmit,
    dataType: ‘json’,
    success: wpcf7ProcessJson

  7. Definitely an issue with the captcha in Firefox. It displays the labels, the captcha enter box, but not the captcha itself.

  8. I’m having problems with the text field of CAPTCHA in FF 3.0.1 does not enter the code.
    Already in IE 7.0.5730.13 later, worked well!
    Does this bug will be fixed soon?

  9. hi, i tried sending a mail through the contact form but i could not recieve the mail. please assist me thanks!

  10. james, what color of response message frame do you see? Green, red, orange or yellow? What’s the message is? Can I see your page?

  11. Resolvi the issue of failing to enter the code of CAPTCHA in the text field in FF3, as follows:
    — Put the image of CAPTCHA outside the Tag Label

    Thanks for the tip of Miyoshi Tag Label :-)

  12. Hi,

    Is there any way of not reloading the page after submitting the form? I wan’t to avoid this because I’ve used $(document).ready(function() JavaScript in the header of the page and that piece of script fires every time (although I don’t wan’t to run it again) I send a form.

    Thanks for you reply in advance!

    – Ile

  13. james, green frame means “the mail function completed successfully”, so if you don’t receive the mails, something wrong is happening after that. Possible causes are spam filtering, routing trouble of your mail server or just delaying. You should ask your server administrator.

  14. miyoshi, thanks for the reply. Does it support hotmail gmail and yahoo mail too? How do i go about checking the mail server?

  15. Hi! I’m having a problem making the contact form work:

    When i click “send”, it doesnt send anything. It just shows the “ajax-loader.gif” image and stop there.

    I already tried to use the default theme and deactivate the other plugins – still don’t work. Help please?

    Thanks in advance!

  16. hi

    This is by far the best contact form i have used. Intuitive and clever. I had some difficulties with radio buttons, but who needs them? Well done.

  17. yes, I can.

    i just noticed the problem only occurs in firefox, does that help? :)

    Thanks for replying =]

  18. Hi,

    Just wanted to say thanks for this great plugin! :)

    If my visitors would want to send me a photo or document, would that be possible with the contact form?

  19. Liliana, what server are you using? I checked your site and confirmed that the server returned “403 Forbidden” error to the contact form’s Ajax POST submitting activity. Below is the message I saw with Firebug.

    403 Forbidden


    You don’t have permission to access /website/contact/ on this server.

    I don’t have a clue why the server returns such errors. Do you have any idea?

  20. i don’t know about the server,sorry (the site’s hosted at , don’t know which servers they’re using).

    I don’t know, i don’t really know much about servers/permitions/etc, so i’m sorry if this will sound dumb, but maybe it’s something an .htaccess somewhere would fix?

    I’m saying that because it was saying forbidden when I tried to create categories, and it was solved with an .htacess at the wp-admin folder, here’s the problem and fixing:

  21. Liliana, my anticipation was wrong. It seems to be not relevant to the security feature of WordPress 2.6. Sorry. There has to be another cause. Probably funfilled’s security feature is related.

    BTW, I took a look at the source HTML of your page. There are so many flaws. At least you should check your <html> tag. It’s too long, huh? I’m not sure if it relates the issue, though.

  22. It’s probably about they’re security feature – that was the problem with the categories.

    About the html, i guess it isnt the problem, because I was testing with the default theme, and if it was something html related, it’d have to work with this one, right?

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