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I released Contact Form 7 1.7.7. This release contains new tag types for required checkboxes and drop-down menus. Checkbox* and Select* are newly introduced in this release. And Danish, Latvian and Swedish translations have been added.

New tag types: checkbox* and select*

As text*, email* and textarea* in the past, checkbox* and select* are required fields. The sender must check or select at least one meaningful option for each of these.

New translations

Contact Form 7 has now been translated into 17 languages. I’d like to genuinely thank all the translators!

(In Japanese from here.)

Contact Form 7 1.7.7 をリリースしました。必須選択のチェックボックスとドロップダウンメニューのためのタグとして checkbox*select* を新たに導入しました。デンマーク語、ラトビア語、スウェーデン語の言語ファイルが追加されました。

新しいタグ: checkbox*select*

必須入力のテキスト項目として text*email*textarea* のタグが以前からありますが、それと同様に必須選択のチェックボックスのために checkbox* を、ドロップダウンメニューのために select* を新たに導入しました。フォームを送信する際には少なくともひとつの意味のある項目の選択が求められます。


Contact Form 7 はこれで計 17 の言語に翻訳されました。翻訳してくれたみなさん、ありがとうございます!

27 thoughts on “Contact Form 7 1.7.7

  1. CAPTCHA errors. It doesn’t work:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagettftext() in /home/dakinewb/public_html/Designs/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/captcha/captcha.php on line 60

  2. Hey Miyoshi,

    Instead of using @wp_mail(), I think the form should use swift (

    I used it as it is, and since it is going directly to php mailer, it takes a long time to send + long time to deliver.

    Swift did both for 1 second.

    Just a thought to your pool :)

    cool plugin, thanks,

  3. Hi,

    In my form, the objet is a drop-down menu like this :

    [select subject “option1” “option2”]

    How can i get the value of “subject” to pu it in the mail I will receive ? I tried to input [subject] or [select subject] but none is working.

    Thanks for your help and your plugin. :)

  4. John, [subject] should work. Just in case, you should use include_blank option like,

    [select subject include_blank "option1" "option2"]

  5. Hi, I have installed WordPress in Italian, but your plugin is in English.

    I have installed all languages situated in your folder, but I don’t know how to change the language of Contact Form.


  6. hello miyoshi

    great plugin. i love it. so easy to use and setup. thank you. now my question: which tag should i copy into mail, to se what the user had selcted (dropdown menu)?

    by now i am using these tags into mail to get my informations about the user. it works wery good, only the select tag won’t work. i wann see what options people are choosing when the contact me.



    [select*] <——–// not working
    [select* Auswaehlen “Allgemein” “Dj Cem für eine Party buchen” “Dj Dem für eine Party buchen” “Promotion” “Zusammenarbeit”] <——–// also not working

    see also:

    i hope you understand what i mean.


  7. I think it’s fantastic! it saved me a lot of time!!
    I ask, is it possible to let user attach a file or at least an image?

  8. Q-design, Contact Form 7’s locale setting follows WordPress’s one. So you have only to do setting WordPress up as an Italian blog. The documentation is here.

    define('WPLANG', 'it_IT');

    should be written in your wp-config.php

  9. kux, yes I got what you mean. The correct answer is [Auswaehlen]. Mail field needs the second word of tags used in Form field. Also see FAQ.

  10. franc3s, it’s not possible at this time but it will be implemented in the next Contact Form 7 1.8.x released few months later (maybe). Please wait it.

  11. I can add how many areas for information – a text area(required) for a proposed e-mail address – it does not send it!!!!

    it only sends what is in the e-mail form

    please reply


  12. Hi,

    Can you please make this plug-in Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict ?

    The input fields simply needed to be between a fieldset.

    Tried myself but did not come out right. I made it valid but it was not ending the fieldset correctly.

    Also, do you know why ajax function is not working:

    Works fine but no ajax goodness. Missing a hook in my theme perhaps?



  13. Brilliant plugin! Many thanks.

    Is there a way to set a Thankyou url anywhere? Even if its for all forms, not individual ones? Or a pointer where I can hack it to do so? An optional “Return-URL” hidden field would be great.

  14. Hi Miyoshi,

    thankyou for a great plugin. I would like to centre each field on my contact page rather than have them aligned left as they are just now – apologies for this basic question but I have no skills!

  15. the captcha image is not displayed. GD is installed with Freetype enabled. no error msg is displayed.

    using WordPress 2.5.1

    Plugins Installed –
    Akismet 2.1.5
    Contact Form 7 1.7.7
    All in One SEO Pack
    Google XML Sitemaps
    WP Super Cache 0.6.4 is the url

    canu pls help me in solving this problem.

  16. The “include_blank” solved the drop down issue not showing up as a drop down in FF3.0 and also not including it in the email sent to the administrator.

    Thanks for a great plugin!

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