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Contact Form 7 1.6.1

I released Contact Form 7 1.6.1. Now you can place your contact form in sidebar widgets. Norwegian and Turkish translations are included.

Contact form in sidebar widgets

Previously, you were allowed to place contact forms only in post/page contents.

Now you can place them in text widget content as well.

Norwegian and Turkish translations

Norwegian (by Kjetil M. Bergem) and Turkish (by Roman Neumuller) translations were newly included. Thank you, Kjetil and Roman!

Now Contact Form 7 has twelve translations (Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish).

I added wpcf7.pot file for translators. Use it when you translate the plugin.

以下、日本語で / Japanese

Contact Form 7 1.6.1 をリリースしました。コンタクトフォームをサイドバーウィジェット (テキストウィジェット。上の画像参照) 内に設置できるようになりました。ノルウェー語とトルコ語の言語ファイルが追加されました。

10 replies on “Contact Form 7 1.6.1”


This is a great plugin. I just have one question. When I enter text in this contact box it is at a normal size and the same font as the name and email boxes. On my website the text box font is very small. Is there a setting I need to make?

All the best,



Thanks for a great plugin. Is it possible to place a contact form in the Main Index Template or the footer include? I’d really like to do that on

Thanks for your help.

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