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Contact Form 7 1.5

I released Contact Form 7 1.5. You can use CAPTCHA on it. Russian and Brazilian Portuguese translations came in. Akismet’s usage got changed as it was confusable.


Before using CAPTCHA

  • You need GD and FreeType library installed on your server.
  • Make sure contact-form-7/captcha/tmp wp-contents/uploads/wpcf7_captcha folder is writable. (*1)
  • CAPTCHA does not give you 100% security.

*1 — Contact Form 7 1.8 and later use wp-contents/uploads/wpcf7_captcha as image folder.

How to use CAPTCHA

To add a CAPTCHA into your contact form, use [captchac] and [captchar] tags in the form content field in Contact Form 7’s admin page.

[captchac] means CAPTCHA-Challenge and it is replaced by an <img> element for CAPTCHA’s image. [captchar] means CAPTCHA-Response and it is replaced by an <input> element for an input field.

A [captchac] must be paired with a [captchar] with the same name. For example, tags shown below are valid.

[captchac captcha-1] [captchar captcha-1]

And your browser renders them as shown below.

I show you another as a bad example.

[captchac captcha-2] [captchar captcha-3]

They are invalid as having different names. In this case, your browser renders them as above, but the CAPTCHA never matches.

Options for [captchac] and [captchar]

To change the foreground color of a CAPTCHA, use fg option with [captchac]. Put RGB color code in hex format after fg:#. For example, set fg:#ff0000 if you want red foreground.

In the same way, use bg option to change the background color.

To change the size of a CAPTCHA, use size option with [captchac]. Only size:s (60×20), size:m (72×24) and size:l (84×28) are available. If you don’t set size option, size:m is used as default.

I show you some examples.

  • [captchac captcha-1 size:s fg:#ffffff bg:#000000]
  • [captchac captcha-1 size:l fg:#33ff99 bg:#223399]

To change the size of an input field, use size/maxlength option with [captchar].

For example, if you want an input field with 40 as size and 100 as max length, add a tag shown below.

[captchar captcha-1 40/100]

And all available options for [text] are also available for [captchar].

Russian and Brazilian Portuguese translations

Russian (by Dmitry Volotovich) and Brazilian Portuguese (by Leonardo Pinheiro) translations came in. Thank you very much!

Now Contact Form 7 has translations in the following languages.

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Catalan
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish

If you have a translation in a language not listed above, please let me know.

New usage of Akismet

Since I released Contact Form 7 1.4, I have got a ton of messages from users saying that Contact Form 7 stop sending mails after they turned on Akismet option on it. In most cases, the problem was that they have not added necessary options (akismet:author, akismet:author_email and akismet:author_url) for using Akismet properly.

I considered the fact that so many users got confused, and decided to change the usage.

Contact Form 7 1.5 always sends information to Akismet server if:

  1. You have activated Akismet plugin, and
  2. You have added at least one of options for Akismet (akismet:author, akismet:author_email and akismet:author_url).

I removed Apply Akismet checkbox from admin page as it is not necessary anymore.

For beginners, I show you how to use Akismet on Contact Form 7.

Step 1. You need Akismet plugin. If you have not activated it yet, activate it first.

Step 2. Open Contact Form 7’s admin page and edit form content field as:

  1. Add akismet:author option to the tag of field which requires sender’s name.
    Example: [text* your-name akismet:author]
  2. Add akismet:author_email option to the tag of field which requires sender’s email address.
    Example: [email* your-email akismet:author_email]
  3. Add akismet:author_url option to the tag of field which requires sender’s URL.
    Example: [text your-url akismet:author_url]

That’s all.

Sender’s all input and many other information related to the inputting activity are sent to Akismet server. Then Akismet judges whether it is likely to be a spam.

See also: How to use Akismet on Contact Form 7 (Contact Form 7 1.4 release announcement; available except outdated Step 1-3)

74 replies on “Contact Form 7 1.5”

Hi, great plugin. Had no problems with install, config or setting up new form. As mentioned in an earlier post, works fine with Firefox but IE6 – Send just sits with the circling arrows. Validated the code, not running Akismet. Reduced the form to one input field and the Send button but still no go. Only other plugin is Evermore. Any suggestions, please?

essel, yes I confirmed, too. I couldn’t find clues. BTW, are you using IIS server? I think it is not a problem related to this, but I have to say that it has not been well tested with IIS. Are there other IIS users having the same trouble?

The contact form is excellent, simple and far easier than integrating with MySQL manually.

However, it’s one tough sonofapeach to style? I must be looking at all the wrong bits, but say using the site default fonts

font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

or changing the background color from white to well, not white. All the classes make sense but I can’t seem to make changes. The actual form settings (style) are stylesheet.css I presume?

Can you please give an example or rules how to modify capchta parameters char_length, img_size, base, font_size, font_char_width if I want to change the captcha char_length?

If CAPTCHA image isn’t loading despite following the directions above:
make sure ‘wp-contents/uploads/wpcf7_captcha’ directory has the correct owner (must be the same as the rest of the WP files, I think).

The captcha doesn’t work if your uploads folder is not the default one (wp-contents/uploads). I had another folder for security reasons and had to change it. Is there a way to fix this ?


I am using WordPress MU 2.7.1, and the captcha image is not appearing.

I have followed the installation instructions and made the required folders writable.


I’m having the same problem with captcha not working in WP MU 2.82. The form works until I drop the captcha code in. Here’s the error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagetypes() in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/captcha.php on line 201

Looks like the server DOES NOT have the GD library. I’ll have that installed and report back.

UPDATE: Installed the GD lib on the server and rebooted and the captcha is working as advertised. We did need to reboot the server for GD to work.

So even with the differences in the MU file structure, Contactform7 and captcha are working properly WP MU 2.8.2. Thanks!

It works well for me, except for the fact that the background is always black, even when I specifically define it to be white. I had to work around this by using white text on a black background; ugly, but it does the job.

Hi – I´m getting the following error (Captcha is working elsewhere on my server), what do I need to do to get around this? Thanks.

Warning: imagettftext() [function.imagettftext]: Invalid font filename in /home/wp-content/plugins/really-simple-captcha/really-simple-captcha.php on line 96

Hi Myioshi, it was a tough setup but it’s working well now. Akismet doesn’t block “viagra” when I type it in the Name fields, but it does reject “viagra-test-123” which is as-advertised. We shall see.

Heading over now to send you a donation, thank you for the plugin :)

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