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Contact Form 7 1.4.4

I released Contact Form 7 1.4.4. French translation by Jillij was added. Thanks Jillij.

And a bug that extra backslashes are inserted reported by rome has been fixed as well. Thanks rome.

日本語 / Japanese

Contact Form 7 1.4.4 をリリースしました。Jillij さんによるフランス語の言語ファイルを追加しています。

それから、rome さんからコメントで報告があった、メールに余計なバックスラッシュが挿入されるバグについても修正しています。

14 replies on “Contact Form 7 1.4.4”

installed 1.4.4 all fine but it fails to send when the Akismed202 is activated.

Sends OK when Akis is deactivated!

It does not seem to work with WP 2.3. I upgraded my blog to 2.3 yesterday and installed CF71.4.4, and it stopped working. When I click Send button, the whole page just sticks there waiting. No message was ever sent for me.

Please help.


Definitely something strange with V1.4.4 on WP 2.3

Btw, my error log shows:
File does not exist: …/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/images/fade-butt.png

indeed that file is missing – is it essential?


fade-butt.png is used only in admin-stylesheet.css and stays in wp-admin/images directory.

Can you be more specific? What browser do you use? Can you tell me the url of the page which you see just before the error occurs? Do you use other plugins?

Sorry that I didn’t reply your first comment about Akismet. There is another setting needed. This page may help.


Thanks for the link!

I now see what the problem is. However you need to be more specific exactly where those tags to modify are. If you mean a source code edit it’s quite complex to find the right tags in there :)

my browser is recent Firefox

Ok found it under Options/Contact Form7 and added akismet:author and akismet:author_email to the fields.

there is no akismet:subject and content? is that right?

However, so far it is now working fine for me :)

Hello Friend,

My name is Leonardo and I’m from BRAZIL !!!


But I have a problem with Compatibility with Gengo
when activating the plugin.

This message appears:

“Fatal error: Call to a member function wp_rewrite_rules() on a non-object in /WWW/test_wp/wp-includes/classes.php on line 34″






Thanks for your comment and letting me know about the issue.

I’ve heard about Gengo but I myself am not using it, so I’d appreciate if you do the following test for me and let me know the result.

1) You can find the following line in wp-contact-form-7.php:

add_action('plugins_loaded', array(&$this, 'load_plugin_textdomain'), 20);

2) Replace this line by:

add_action('init', array(&$this, 'load_plugin_textdomain'), 20);

Does this solve the problem? Tell me the result, please.



Have you read this post? If you use Akismet on Contact Form 7, you need to add necessary options for Akismet to work properly. You get that message with orange border when Akismet returns spam judge.

Fixed – many thanks. Just had to figure out where and how to add those codes supplied.

Maybe a good idea in future releases to already have them in there.

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