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Contact Form 7 1.4.2

Contact Form 7 1.4.2 got released. It includes German translation by Marcel Spitau. Thank you Marcel :) I’m surprised at seeing this plugin grows internationally so fast.

Japanese / 日本語

Contact Form 7 1.4.2 をリリースしました。Marcel Spitau さんによるドイツ語の言語ファイルを追加しています。このプラグインがこんなに急速に国際化されるなんてほんとびっくりですね。

3 replies on “Contact Form 7 1.4.2”

Hy men!

Thank You for your plugin. Its hot!

But I am have problem with the plug in. The Aki.. Anti-spam block all my e-mails and e-mails for my friend. Every e-mail is Spam… Can you help me?

Other side, the Select Boxes called “States”, Rio, São Paulo and Curitiba cities.. The Box is maked but the information dont go in my e-mail… :-)

Can you help me?

Thanks a Lot.


Thanks for commment. About Akismet feature, this post may help you. Please check it out.

Next question, for example if you use [select states "Rio" "São Paulo" "Curitiba"] tag in form content, then you need to put [states] tag into mail template. Please try it.

Thank you.

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