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Contact Form 7 1.3

Contact Form 7 1.3 is now available. I added new type of form element tag named [select]. This tag is replaced by a <select> element.

Example: [select your-country "China" "India" "other"]

This tag is replaced to:

<select name="your-country">
  <option value="China">China</option>
  <option value="India">India</option>
  <option value="other">other</option>

Then you can insert user selection into mail sent to you as other type of tags.

And I rethought the condition when contact form is displayed. In early release, you see the forms only on singular post pages and only one form is replaced on one page. Now, you have no limit. You can put multiple forms into a post and you’ll see them even on archive or home page.

As written on previous anouncement, syntax of form content tag has changed. On this release I completely removed old syntax with label. So if you are an upgrading user from older versions, please check the tags or create new contact forms.

Update (8/26): I fixed a critical bug failing to load jQuery and released it as 1.3.1. This time really Ajax.

日本語 / Japanese

Contact Form 7 1.3 をリリースしました。新しく [select] タグが追加され、このタグは <select> 要素により置換されます。

例: [select your-country "中国" "インド" "その他"]

このタグは次の HTML に置換されます:

<select name="your-country">
  <option value="中国">中国</option>
  <option value="インド">インド</option>
  <option value="その他">その他</option>




更新 (8/26): jQuery のインポートをしない重大なバグを修正して 1.3.1 としてリリースしました。今度こそ Ajax が使えます。

5 replies on “Contact Form 7 1.3”

Hello, I am Spanish and have a blog of football.
http: //
Need your help. Might you recommend to me algun blog of Japanese football to exchange links? I want to have visitors to speak about the J-League… Thank you and I wait not to have bothered

Unfortunately I don’t know much because I myself is not a football fan. But I try to ask my friends. I tell you if I find bloggers you need, but don’t expect much. Do you like J-League? Written in Japanese OK?

I have downloaded and installed the plugin for my site, and I did a test for sending myself an email. But I never got the testing email, can you tell me why?




Did you see result message under the form after you submit it? If you see red error message, there are some mail trouble on your server. If blue message, mail sent successfully. In this case, you should check your mail client side, for example, anti-spam.

If you see nothing like result message, there might be anther issue or bug. If so, please let me see your site.

I finally got the comments after 6 hours. I guess my web server was a little slow yesterday. Sorry for the false alert.

When are you going to implement anti-spam feature?

Thank you for your hard work and good plug-in.

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